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Building a Culture of Family Involvement

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At Bloomz, we know how important Parental Engagement is for student success, we built our app around this idea! This is why we are proud to present our first webinar series to promote a culture of family involvement.

We have invited renowned experts in the subject to provide you with in-depth knowledge and advice on why educators should care about involving parents in students’ education, and also on how best to do it.

You will hear from distinguished academics, non-profit organization leaders and educators, all pointing at the importance and methods to achieve parental engagement.

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Webinar 1

The Evidence is In: Student Achievement Starts at Home

Dr. William Jeynes

Professor of Education
California State University, Long Beach

Feb 15, 2017 Wed | 4PM - 5PM ET

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As educators, we know that what happens at home has a powerful influence on what happens in the classroom. But did you know that the level of family involvement in children’s schooling impacts students’ GPAs by almost a whole letter grade?
Join Dr. William Jeynes, Professor of Education at California State University, Long Beach, for a fascinating webinar as he reviews the findings of his analysis of the grades of 300,000 students and the behavior of their parents or primary caregivers. He’ll reveal what really impacts student learning as it relates to families.

  • The number one parenting aspect that improves student performance
  • The incredible importance of reading at home
  • The kind of communication that hurts students most
  • What kind of family involvement programs work best
  • Strategies for encouraging more family involvement

Webinar 2

From the Front Lines: Ideas for Improving Family Engagement

Julie Evans

Chief Executive Officer
Project Tomorrow

Mar 15, 2017 Wed | 5PM - 6PM ET

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Since 2003, educators from more than 30,000 schools have used data collected by Project Tomorrow's Speak Up Research Project to create and implement their vision for 21st century learning — including how to better engage families in the educational process.
Join Dr. Julie Evans, Chief Executive Office of Project Tomorrow as she unpacks the data about what schools are doing (and not doing) to encourage and support family involvement.

During the webinar you'll learn:

  • Timely insights from more than 66,000 parents nationwide who have participated in the Speak Up research over the past two years
  • How digital communication strategies are being used to effectively reach families
  • The biggest barriers educators face connecting with families and the community

Webinar 3

Supporting Parents as Learning Partners: Quality Use of Technology at Home

Monica Burns

Curriculum and EdTech Consultant
Apple Distinguished Educator
Founder of

APR 13 2017 Thu | 5PM - 6PM ET

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Parents and families are essential partners in their children’s education. And educators need parents on the team. So how do we enlist their support in the educational process?
The smart use of technology is one way. From her time as a classroom teacher and now as a curriculum and edtech consultant to schools, Dr. Monica Burns has a passion for using technology to promote deeper learning, communication and collaboration — in and out of the classroom.

During this hour-long webinar Dr. Burns will share how to use technology to support family engagement.

Join us to learn:

  • The importance of valuing parents and caregivers as learning partners
  • How to share technology tips with families
  • Ways to honor the interests of parents and caregivers as learners
  • Tips for supporting families with a range of access to technology
  • Strategies for hosting family technology nights

Webinar 4

Habits You Can Start Now to Help Your Classroom Thrive in the Fall -- Testing Things is Great to do at the End of the Year

Vicki Davis

Cool Cat Teacher
Teacher, IT Director, recognized blogger, speaker, author of three books, and winner of the BAMMY Award for Best Education Talk Show Host for her work in the Every Classroom Matters podcast.

APR 27 2017 Thu | 6PM - 7PM ET

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Attendees to this webinar will learn practical end-of-year strategies for teachers that they can implement in their classroom now, as the year comes to an end, to help them in the fall.
Examples will include apps, tools and habits teachers can try now, and save some time during the much-deserved summer break.

Vicki Davis is a recognized blogger, speaker, author of three books, and winner of the BAMMY Award for Best Education Talk Show Host for her work in the Every Classroom Matters podcast. Davis is a full-time teacher and IT Director at a small school in Georgia, USA.